Arm pain can be caused by many conditions ranging from trauma, to nerve conditions as well as neck sprain strains (whiplash). Most arm pain actually originates from a misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck. With chiropractic care, arm pain can be eliminated and normal function restored.


"Pain has been my daily companion for a little over two years. I had been treated at two different clinics without results. Finally, I was told I needed to be operated on; I would need spacers to replace three cervical vertebrae. I was very much afraid of surgery. So, I took a friends advice to visit Dr.Seguinot before I decided to set a date to be operated on. I am very thankful, satisfied and happy to have gone to Dr. Seguinot for help. I can now feel my fingers, and hands. The constant pain on my left arm is almost gone. I could not lift my right arm or open the car door due to extreme pain and lack of motion. After four weeks of treatment my body is in much better condition. Mobility without pain is what I have today in some areas of my body, and mobility with less pain in the areas which were in very bad condition. Dr. Seguinot knows his job very well; he knows how to read a body in order to provide the right treatment. My thanks to him, once again."
~ Sonia A.