Hip pain is caused by a misalignment of the spine, therefore causing pain and muscle spasms. Your hips give you mobility, flexibility, strength and stability. Pregnancy hip pain is a common complaint many women experience, due toThe hip is a ball and socket joint that constantly moves against one another. When the cartilage wears out, swelling and pain can occur. This is more commonly known as arthritis.Additionally, sitting for extended periods of time and poor posture can also contribute to hip, knee and foot pain. By adjusting the hips and stabilizing the feet, your hip pain will be eliminated.


" I have had chiropractic in my life for many years. 3 yrs ago I fell on my tailbone in a bowling alley and my pain was unbearable, but I found Dr. Peter and now thanks to him I am able to function in everyday life. His techniques on my hips and lower back with laser technology, and his skills are the BEST. Also the office staff Jessica is so nice and friendly and always greets you with a smile and 'how’s is your day going?'. I recommend if you have any alignment spine or otherwise to give Dr. Peter a call!"
~ Peggy S.