Women go through several stages during pregnancy, each with significant emotional, physical and chemical stress on their bodies. While women experience these rapid changes, the developing child is also placed under tremendous stress, especially if the child is in a breech position. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can prevent inter-uterine constraint and make the birthing process easier for the mother and the child.

Webster Technique The Webster Technique, is used to evaluate and adjust a woman’s sacrum in a specific manner to equalize nerve flow to the uterus in disharmony. It is a precise technique that reduces nerve interference and assists bio-mechanical balance. Webster is ideal for all pregnant women, not just breech diagnosis. Jeanne Ohm, President of the International Pediatrics Chiropractic Association said, “The Webster Technique is in fact a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that decreases interference to the nervous system and balances pelvic muscles and ligaments.”


" I First met Dr. Peter and Jessica at a Street fair and was pleasantly surprised with the how warm and welcoming they both were .i have a3 year old child on the Autism spectrum, and a 2 year old that is at risk. i have heard how chiropractic care could help me with the different aspects that come with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) . Although my eldest son is considered "high functioning " he still had many behaviors that were that very dangerous (stemming,tantrums head banging as well as other injurious behaviors). he has been receiving other therapies since he was 18 months old and one of his therapist suggested chiropractic care as another form of therapy. i have talked to a lot of different " specialist in the field and have asked about chiropractic for an option ...most said don't waste my time . I began talking to other moms who suggested that i try it because they had noticed a difference in their kids since they had been getting routine chiropractic care . i had also done other research and figured what could it hurt ? from the first visit at Dr. Peter's office we not felt incredibly welcome Dr. peter took the time to get to know us as a family and what was working for us and what wasn't .He made suggestions about lifestyle changes that we could make to help improve our lives . He showed that he really cared and took the time with kids and made sure they felt comfortable (as well as myself) before he dis anything. He explained what was out of alignment and what parts of the body that it affected. After my eldest son was adjusted for the first time he got up from the table gave Dr.Pete a hug and said "Thank You Doctor " . This was huge as he was considered nonverbal . well he has not stopped talking since (not always understandable but the effort is there which is huge). We have only had 5 Adjustments and the improvements just keep coming -stemming and tantrums has dropped dramatically , head banging has become virtually nonexistence as well as the other self- injurious behaviors , eldest fully potty trained with no accidents , and sleeping through the night (thank goodness! ) . my son now gets up on the table himself and waits for the adjustment !! I highly recommend that you try Life Force Health Chiropractic care and enjoy the benefits ! "
~ Kristen C