For many decades chiropractors were having tremendous success with headache patients who had previously failed to get any help through medical treatments. The critics or skeptics insisted that the results were coincidental, ran their course, simply luck or psychosomatic origin since they could not find any anatomical connection between the cervical (neck) adjustments and the headaches. Finally scientists at the University of Maryland in 1996 discovered that a tiny muscle named the rectus capitus posterior minor (RCPM) actually attaches itself to the brain lining at the base of the skull while on the other end of the muscle attaches itself to the first cervical vertebra (atlas). Consequently any tension on this muscle pulls on the brain lining (dura) which is very sensitive to pain and will result in the patient feeling headaches. There is now an anatomical and structural connection providing a scientific basis for the exceptional results that chiropractors have had with headache patients.


"Before I came to see Dr Peter, I had migraine headaches every day, lower back pain, and neck pain that was killing me. I’ve been coming here for 3 months and now my migraines are totally gone and I have no more neck or back pain. Every time my husband and I come here, we always relax after our adjustments, always have energy and feel healthier. Dr Peter gave us advice on our diet, I found out my food allergies were causing me erratic emotional episodes. Now we are trying to change our diet. We feel healthier and are happy we found the right doctor. I highly recommend Dr Peter!"
~ Rina H.