The wrist is the joint where the hand meets the lower arm. Pain in the wrist is often the result of repetitive stress injuries, elbow misalignment or compression of nerves in the neck. Through chiropractic adjustments, development of scar tissue and chronic pain can be prevented and normal wrist and hand function can be restored.


"Before considering chiropractic treatment, I had been walking around in discomfort and thinking it was normal to feel this way. I had two young children, years of dance had caught up to me, and I just chalked it up to getting older. After getting tired of taking otc pain meds, I finally made the decision to try chiropractic. Meeting Dr. Peter significantly changed how my body felt. What a difference after just the first few appointments! My neck was no longer stiff, my lower back pain was relieved, and the most dramatic change was the plantar fasciitis in my left foot that I had suffered for years, was actually gone. In the past I had been told by a podiatrist that I would eventually need surgery. Needless to say, thanks to Dr. Peter, that will no longer be necessary. Also, I have recently started using the custom made stabilizers that he recommended, and the support I get from wearing them is like no other. Dr. Peter is genuinely concerned about his patients’ overall health and well being. He is knowledgable, personable, kind, and caring. A true professional in his field!"
~ Lara D.