Our knees are subject to weight-bearing forces. These forces stress and torque the side of the knee. Shearing and torquing account for the majority of knee injuries and knee pain. Runner’s are very susceptible to running knee pain. Knee alignment can be improved with chiropractic care by rotating the knee into its normal position. In addition, custom-made orthotics with proper arch support will improve your knee alignment.


"It all started with a fall that shattered my left ankle but also had a domino effect on my entire body. Pain, side affects every test imaginable. Specialist in orthopedic and neurology , injections in my knees , hips and spine, all very short term relief only to return with more pain, narcotic , discouragement and depression. This condition continued an entire year and a half, leaving me with little quality of life, then a friend told me how much Dr. Peter had helped him , made the call and I was seen the next day . After the initial visit and test result Dr. Peter explained in detail, what had happened to my body and why it was reacting in this manner. We also discussed what adjustment and treatments he recommended, started the life force wellness plan the next day. Greeted by Jessica, who is always professional and greets you with a smile and by your name. Each visit is tailored to your personal condition and needs, Dr. Peter always ask” how are you today? “ Any questions might have or discomfort, he addresses it right there. He genuinely cares about his patients and wants a well and healthy life for them. Bringing you to wellness vitality and quality to your life. Through adjustments and his incredible knowledge of the human body. I could feel and see my body becoming well and strong and pain free! I honestly say that because of Dr.Peter I have my life back and cannot imagine what my life would have become if I hadn’t made that phone call. Thank you , Dr.peter. "
~ Nalani O.