The birthing process is stressful for a mom as it is for a newborn which can cause strain on the nervous system. Newborn’s may experience difficulty breathing, colic, inability to latch on to mom’s breast, sleeping problems, irritability and even reflux. Imagine if you were stuck in a cramped space for 9 months what effect that might have on your spine and nervous system.

Chiropractic adjustments differ significantly for newborns requiring a light fingertip pressure on the baby’s neck or spine. Sometimes an instrument called an activator is used on the baby’s spine or neck, which is always conducted with a light force.

Toddlers are always running into things and constantly falling, therefore causing strain and stress on the spine. If left unchecked this can cause neurological and muscular imbalances. However, toddlers under regular chiropractic care recover significantly faster than those that don’t receive chiropractic care.


"Dr Peter Seguinot is very knowledgeable, not only about chiropractic, but about general health & wellness too, and he uses videos and even seminars and classes to help his patients improve their overall health & to empower them to take control of it. He does a very thorough assessment including x-rays before he starts and in a very short time he is getting better results working on my scoliosis than other chiropractors I have seen. His aim is to get his patients to better health using corrective & preventive care, and in his clinic is also a fantastic nutritionist, Michelle, so you really do get the whole health program in one place. Dr Peter is also working on my husband with great results discovering a subluxation from a sports injury he had in his teens & which caused intermittent pain & even my three year old daughter loves being adjusted by him. I also like that he keeps up with the latest techniques & attends training seminars himself. Overall a very good care facility & I highly recommend Dr Peter"
~ Anonymous