Chiropractors do so much more than just relive back pain—they change lives. The professional San Diego chiropractic Life Force Health has the expertise, resources, and enthusiasm that your body deserves. Our team can serve different areas of chiropractic or bodily needs:

-Pregnancy: alleviating pain and discomfort during all three trimesters.
-Physiotherapy: massages, low laser therapy, and other physiological therapeutic procedures for healing.
-Corrective Care: exercises meant to strengthen and correct unique physiological issues.
-Children and Youth: preventing life-long pain and injuries through careful examination and care of even the smallest injuries.
-Lifestyle Guidance: helping every patient avoid aggravating existing health issues, or developing future health issues.
-Spinal and Postural Screenings: help reveal important information about a patient’s health, and find means for a healthier life.
-Nutritional Counseling: recommended nutritional supplements and food choices to further improve physiological health.

We pride ourselves in putting our patients first, as well as our ability to provide comprehensive, total wellness and chiropractic care, in additional to personalized services and compassionate treatments. We choose holistic caring, meaning that we approach the body and patient as a whole, rather than only a body with pain or a certain body part in pain. We want to improve all-around health, and offer more than just pain relief and rehabilitative services. Drop into our San Diego chiropractic office today!