Your neck is comprised 12 cervical vertebrae. When a subluxation of one or more vertebrae occurs, discs can bulge or herniate therefore causing pain and restricted motion in the cervical spine. Many times, arm pain is a result of a cervical subluxation. Neck pain is a problem that affects three quarters of Americans at some point in their lives.


"My name is Gary Dines, I met Doctor Peter in summer of 2013 for chronic neck and back pain. My pain was so intense it would cause me to enter into a convulsions frequently. Not only did Dr. Peter help my neck and back pain but the frequency of the convulsions has gotten A LOT better. Now days I don't have as many convulsions and when I feel like I'm going to have a convulsion I see Doctor Peter, and he adjusts me so I wont have one at all. I get to enjoy a normal life now. Every time I need an adjustment I feel lucky to know Dr. Peter is there to help. Dr. Peter has got to be the friendliest doctor in the city and along with that he actually cares about his patients and wants what is best for them. There are so many good things I can say about the doctor, he has even helped me live a healthier lifestyle and Ive lost over 50 pounds because of his help. As for his staff Excellent! Jessica always calls me to remind me of my appointments and is Extremely friendly always professional. Every time I go into the office I feel like I'm going to a friend and for that I highly recommend Life Force Health Chiropractic!"
~ Gary D.