Foot pain is a common complaint both men and women will experience during their lifetime. There are a total of 52 bones in your feet which make up1/3 of all the bones in your body. Your feet not only allow you to move but they also provide your body with support. There are also 3 arches in each foot. Over time because of physical stress on our feet, our arches start to breakdown, causing ball of foot pain, arch foot pain and heel pain. Contributing factors to this breakdown include wearing high heels, wearing shoes that are too tight or too small, running on concrete or hard surfaces. Fallen arch symptoms include the development of bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, toe deformation, foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, pubic bone pain, low back pain, mid back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.


"Hey there Life Force Health Chiropractic! I wanted to quickly put in words what your care plan has provided me. First off, I'm 37 and have seen 5-6 chiropractors over the past 10 years, each having their own methodology, and ultimately, less than optimal results. My herniated L5 Disk still gave me regular issues, including pain, limited activity and numbness in my left foot - for the past 4 YEARS no less. I started seen Dr.Peter in February 2012 and since then have only had 2 relapses and have returned to regular activities - like coaching my sons Soccer Team. The first spasm (which caused me to come see you) lasted 6 months! No kidding, my back was "locked" for the whole time, I walked with a limp and had extreme numbness; Not a Pretty Sight at all ! After beginning my care with regular visits and cold laser, my 1st relapse only lasted 4 weeks, and was rectified after I started seeing Dr.Peter 2-3 time per week. My last relapse was only about 3 weeks ago, and I was back in motion after only 7 days ! I went from a full spasm to my full range of motion in 1 week. Completely unheard of given my history. I can't say enough about Dr.Peter methodology, approach and bed side manner. He is absolutely there for you - the patient- and getting you healthy again. He has come in on weekends, on his days off and stayed late in order to see me and work with my hectic schedule. Much appreciation Dr.Peter !"
~ Chris McKibbin